Tuey Wilson  Comic Stunt Juggler

Favorite Fan Page Quote : "I think he’s nuts. Or he’s one of the X-Men and does this show to pass the time."

"Those looking for wholesome laughs and incredible demonstrations of skill have found their Holy Grail in Tuey." - Juggle Magazine


"Tuey is an outstanding performer who never stops adding outrageous and entertaining skills to his repertoire." - GA Renaissance Festival


"It's always a pleasure to work with such a talented and enthusiastic entertainer." - City of Duluth


"You always add such a unique feature to our festival, one that no other performer can capture." - Norfolk Festevents, Ltd.


"Tuey draws raves from civilains and jugglers alike."

Juggle Magazine


Fan Page Comments:

"Amazing from start to finish and always fresh. An incredible talent. Fun for all ages."


"We always enjoy Tuey's show and I appreciate being able to take my niece and nephew to see him without having to be concerned about what they see and hear.

Quotes From Audience Comment Cards.


"Awesome! Last time a different act, not even close to this one."


"Five out of five, and I don't even like jugglers!"


"Have never seen anything like it!"


"Brilliant, I was in awe!!" - "Unique / Captivating"


"Outstanding performance!" - "Absolute best!"


"Something you wont see in other shows."


"The tricks and showmanship were awesome."


"Hilariously funny - great comic." - "Breath-taking"


"Remarkable show!" - "It was non-stop and exciting."


"3rd trip, this was the best." - "Couldn't blink."


"He kept us glued to our seats." - "That guy is a riot!"


"Much better than last year's act."

Facebook updates include the occasional video from my travels and practice.